Welcome to the new home of Olson Quarter Horses, a breeding farm from Hawley, MN bringing you quality race bred horses. Feel free to look around, meet our horses and see what is for sale.

Olson Quarter Horses is a modest sized breeding operation of racing and performance Quarter Horses in the upper Midwest, more specifically Hawely Minnestoa.

We have many horses available almost year round.  Ask about the foals that are not yet listed on the website as well!  We are also offering broodmares for sale since our plan is to downsize, probably to around 10 mares. The reason being is after 20 years of breeding horses Wendell Olson, the owner of Olson Quarter Horses is ready to slow things down a little bit.

We have 2 stallions currently standing at stud. One black AQHA stallion and one sorrel AQHA stallion.

Thats all for now, more comming soon! Be sure to check out the website to learn more.